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Guide dogs for the Blind and Assistance Dogs

A guide dog is specially trained to accompany and enable a vision impaired person to move about safely, independently and with confidence. The working
relationship between a guide dog and its owner is unique and it offers both social and emotional benefits. Guide dogs support their partners by negotiating
obstacles such as stopping when there’s a change in surface level such as a kerb or set of stairs, locating doors, seats, pedestrian buttons at traffic
lights and locating the destinations that their partner uses regularly.

The difference you can make by donating
10€ The cost of the first level Romanian Sign Language DVD course which provides families with deaf children the tool to effectively communicate with their
children and develop their confidence in their potential 20€ Would provide essential training to a family with a Visually or Hearing Impaired child 20€
Is the cost of a tactile book that enables a Blind or Sight impaired child to develop essential skills 25€ Is the cost of a white stick 50€ Provides an
adapted textbook for a sight impaired pupil 100€ is the average  cost of a lamp or a magnifier donated to a Visually impaired to be able to read 3.000€
Would cover the annual cost of a Guide dog that provides vital independence and freedom of movement to a Blind Person
Search the web and raise money for Light into Europe

You can donate online at our
Just Giving account
or through everyclick. If you can make it your default search engine we will receive donations every time you search something online.

Bank payments

In Romania

Fundatia Light into Europe

IBAN: RO59 RZBR 0000 0600 1688 7322 (LEI)

Raiffeisen Bank, Bucharest
In the UK

Light into Europe Charity

IBAN: GB17 BARC 202173 20690783

Barclays Bank PLC

Thank you for your support

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